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Protecting patients, clients and clinicians from professional errors.

VetSafe is a system launched in 2018 and designed by vets and for vets, to help protect patients, clients and clinicians from professional errors. 

Click here to access the VetSafe website (VDS members login required).

The system has three aims:

  • GATHER DATA on professional errors and near misses

  • UNDERSTAND why errors occur

  • LEARN from errors and share that learning amongst our members





At the VDS we understand that even highly trained and motivated professionals sometimes make mistakes and that veterinary practice doesn’t always go according to plan. VetSafe helps us learn from our mistakes; it is not a tool for blame, judgement, discipline or performance management.

VetSafe is the VDS's confidential significant event reporting and risk management service. It captures information about incidents in practice which result in patient harm or other losses. The information in these reports will help us to understand why mistakes happen, and to develop solutions which improve the quality of veterinary care. Anonymised results are shared on the VetSafe website, a members-only veterinary patient safety resource.

Practices have access to all their reports, to inform local risk management and enable organisational reflective learning. In order to protect staff member identities, the names of individuals are removed from these reports.