Brexit and Vet Surgeons involved in Exports/Imports: a letter to VDS members

Brexit and Vet Surgeons involved in Exports/Imports: a letter to VDS members

Dear Member,

As a result of Brexit, we are aware that some of our members will be supporting the Group Export Facilitation Scheme (GEFS) either as Official Veterinarians (OVs) or as Vets certifying Support Attestations and/or supporting other import or export work sometimes for the first time in their veterinary careers.

We urge members to fully familiarise themselves with any relevant official guidance and the associated requirements of any work of this nature they are intending to perform. We would also like to remind members that for the purpose of their VDS Insurance, veterinary work involving export/ import certification of food, food products, pet food, animal feed, eggs, animal products, skins, hides and agricultural machinery is classed as being within Risk Group F (farm animals) of the VDS Policy. Cover under the VDS Policy for work undertaken in Risk Group F is dependent upon the names of the veterinary surgeons who are to undertake work in Risk Group F being declared to the VDS before work in Risk Group F is commenced. Veterinary surgeons who have declared that they will be undertaking work in Risk Group F will be named as doing so on the Schedule of Insurance. 

It is very important that you carefully consider and review the Indemnity Limits you require, to ensure that they are sufficient for your needs and those of the Practice. These limits will be the maximum liability of the VDS for a claim or related claims connected with that Risk Group, and this limit includes damages and/or legal and other costs. Please refer to the Policy wording and "About the VDS Practice Policy" document for further information.

If you wish to make changes of this nature to your Policy or wish to discuss options, please contact us on +44(0) 1565 652737 or email

Yours sincerely,

The Veterinary Defence Society

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