Mutual Bonus Discount

Mutual Bonus Discount

We are pleased to announce that £1.2 million in return of premium will be shared between eligible Members who apply to renew their VDS Practice policy for 2024 by the end of December 2023*. This year, the mutual bonus will once again be given as a discount against the 2024 renewal premium.

Reflecting our mutual model, a mutual bonus discount allows our members to share in any surplus funds, after supporting all current member service requirements and investment to ensure we continue to do so for the long term.

Applying to renew your VDS Practice policy online is quick and simple. It also reduces the amount of paper we print. Log in to apply to renew your VDS cover by midnight on 31 December 2023. If you've never applied to renew online before or simply need a little help doing so, our Membership team will be happy to help. Please call us on +44 (0) 1565 652737, email or via our Contact Us page.

*Eligible members are those Practices who have an active Policy on 30 September 2023 and renew their 2024 Policy by 31 December 2023. Either complete your online renewal by midnight on Sunday 31 December 2023 or ensure your paper copy Proposal Form has arrived at our head office in Knutsford no later than Friday 29 December 2023. 

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