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Career Coaching

Save over 24% on the regular course price if you book before end of 25 July 2017!

Three-month Career Coaching Programme

  • Do you want a deeper understanding of who you are and what you want and need from your life, both personally and professionally?
  • Would you like to identify new career possibilities and create a plan so you can see a clear route from your current situation to the choices you have made?
  • Do you want to confidently take action and move forward with your career choices and decisions?

If you're feeling frustrated, stuck, under-valued, low in confidence and self-belief, confused or unsure about your next step, then you aren’t alone. And the great thing is that it doesn't have to be like this.

I've coached many vets and veterinary nurses who have come to coaching unhappy, unfulfilled and unsure about what they want or how they can achieve it; after coaching they have clarity, confidence and a plan for moving forward. 

During this interactive group coaching programme, you'll evaluate your current skills, knowledge and expertise and highlight your opportunities and choices so you can strategically plan your career. You'll have time to consider what you really want, and the practical tools to take action and move forward, reigniting passion and satisfaction in your life and your career.

 'Thanks for all your help when I was in the early stages of deciding what to do. I'm really excited about making the change, and optimistic that the role will really suit me.' (Vet Surgeon, four years qualified)

Programme Structure

We'll coach you through each stage, teach you tools and techniques you can take away and apply to your career and your life and help you develop strategies that will make a tangible and practical difference, guiding you as you develop confidence and gain clarity on your next step. 

There are three parts to this comprehensive coaching programme:

Part A - You'll complete your own DISC behavioural profile and receive feedback on it.

Part BFortnightly webinars starting on 5 September 2017 covering: 

  • Identifying what's important to you in your life and your career
  • Your ideal job and creating a clear vision
  • Being true to your values
  • Confidence, clarity and connections
  • Organisation, effectiveness and taking back control of your time
  • Action planning and creating your 90 day plan to move forward and take action .

Part CFortnightly live Q&A sessions starting on 12 September 2017. During these interactive live webinars, we'll discuss how you're getting on, your current challenges and how to move forward. These sessions will be led by you. It's your opportunity to ask questions, share progress and gain confidence that you're moving in the right direction.

Only £757 + VAT (normally £997 + VAT) 

Make Being a Vet Work for You

This modular programme will help you to reflect and reignite your career, your options and your choices.

The programme consists of eight modules:

  • Career likes and dislikes
  • Career vision
  • Personal strengths and weaknesses
  • Mindset
  • Goal setting
  • Personal vision
  • Planning
  • Summary and Strategy

This programme will be accessible from 01 September 2017.

Only £97 + VAT per person   

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