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For members of the profession who want to improve their communication skills.

We offer a range of practical training courses, available to all members of the veterinary profession who want to improve their communication skills.

Communicating as a Team

Communicating as a Team is designed for all members of the practice team, including veterinary surgeons, managers, receptionists and nurses. The course will highlight how effective communication improves and enhances practice efficiency, practice reputation and client understanding.

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Managing Difficult Situations

No-one in business relishes the prospect of dealing with difficult situations. Veterinary practice is no different. Complaints in particular can have a profound and destructive effect on team morale, and ultimately the business.

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DISC behavioural profiling

Using DISC behavioural profiling, we can identify the preferred communication and behavioural styles of you and each member of your team. This can enable everyone to understand the people puzzle and work with each other's strengths, weaknesses, motivators and drivers, communicating effectively and positively influencing other people to make working and living with them easier and more enjoyable.

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Graduate reunions

A fantastic opportunity for graduates to discuss issues that they may have faced in their first year of working, brought to life by scenarios starring our team of actors and role-players.

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Bespoke Communications Training

In addition to our regular training events, we can design a bespoke practice training package for you, bringing our unique brand of communication training into the heart of your practice. We will  design your training to suit your specific needs, to benefit your clients, your entire practice team and your business. Although any team member will benefit from attending our scheduled events, there is nothing more powerful than a bespoke training session, tailor-made for your specific needs. Most colleagues choose a form of small group teaching and we can devise specific scenarios to exactly fit your learning objectives   In addition, we can bring the training to your practice or to a venue close by, to save your travel costs. Please contact our Communications Training Co-ordinator in the first instance to discuss your requirements. Contact our Training Coordinator to find out more.

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