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DISC Behavioural Profiling

Identify the preferred communication and behavioural styles of you and each member of your team.

Using DISC behavioural profiling, we can identify the preferred communication and behavioural styles of you and each member of your team.

This can enable everyone to understand the people puzzle and work with each other's strengths, weaknesses, motivators and drivers, communicating effectively and positively influencing other people to make working and living with them easier and more enjoyable.

What is DISC?

DISC is a behavioural profiling tool used by businesses across the world to optimise team performance and improve individual wellbeing. 

It’s quick, simple and extremely accurate. The questionnaire takes just seven minutes to complete and determines innate personality and behavioural preferences in four core areas: Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, Conscientiousness.

By using DISC you’ll be able to identify the preferred communication and behavioural style of every member of your team. You’ll gain an in-depth understanding how each person approaches tasks and decisions, so you’ll be able to:

  • Build a strong team of complementary thinkers, planners, doers, strategists and leaders.
  • Develop a team that communicates effectively with each other and works well together, reducing the interpersonal stress and conflict that arises when different personalities clash.

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Why use DISC?

  • Understand what drives you and how you cope with stress.
  • Appreciate the effect and impact you have on others.
  • Modify your style to get the best out of other people.
  • Become a better leader and motivator.
  • Boost team morale – staff will be happier and more effective.
  • Engage your colleagues and your clients.
  • Recruit more effectively, reducing time, money and effort.

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Individual DISC behavioural profiles

Once we've received your payment, you’ll receive a link to your own profile assessment questionnaire.

The questionnaire is quick and straight forward to fill in. When you’ve submitted it, one of the team will contact you to schedule a 20 minute telephone/Skype feedback session to help you assess what it all means for you. You’ll also receive your very own comprehensive 17 page DISC profile report to keep.

Cost - £100 (€125)

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DISC workshops for veterinary practices - 'Building your best team'

The most effective way to use DISC behavioural profiling in your practice is for everyone in the team to be profiled and then share key highlights and insights.

A typical workshop session
Before the workshop everyone completes their own DISC behavioural profile. Each member of your team will be sent a link to their personal profile assessment questionnaire.

Day 1: Two hour evening workshop for all members of the practice: Building Your Best Team in Practice.
Day 2: Personal one-to-one feedback session for each member of the team about their own DISC profile with everyone receiving their own 17-page DISC behavioural report, plus a team debrief for the management team, highlighting the differences within the team and how to engage these differences.

Contact us for more information about our team DISC workshops

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