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Managing Difficult Situations - Explaining Bad News

MDS - Explaining Bad News - Cambridge

2 November 2018

09:00 – 16:30

No-one in business relishes the prospect of dealing with difficult situations.Veterinary practice is no different. Complaints in particular can have a profound and destructive effect on team morale, and ultimately the business.

Difficult situations can arise from a variety of sources and require speedy and efficient management. Handled appropriately, some disillusioned and disgruntled clients can even be converted into firm advocates for the practice.

Dealing with difficult situations, especially complaints, is a subject often raised at events organised by VDS Training. So we have arranged a one-day seminar to cover the subject in depth.

You’ll learn:

  • the importance of ascertaining a client's starting point

  • the steps to take in imparting bad news whilst supporting your client

  • the power of body language and providing space

  • how to provide a safety net

Who is this course for?
The programme, which will include an opportunity to practise some of the techniques covered, is aimed at all those team members who deal directly with clients, including nurses, receptionists and managers, as well as vets, of course.

Venue Location

Hallmark Hotel Cambridge
B1050 Roundabout
Bar Hill

CB23 8EU