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The Manager’s Role in Resilience

If you lead or manage other people, this workshop will help you to strengthen your own resilience, as well as providing you with practical skills to help you to develop resilience within your team.

You’ll also acquire the knowledge and skills you’ll need to implement changes without your team having to call upon their resilience. 

During this participative workshop, you’ll carry out a variety of exercises to identify cultural values, corporate values, leadership competencies and relationship and expectation building. 

Why attend this workshop? 

This workshop will help: 

  • You to prevent your team from experiencing strain and stress.
  • Your team to cope effectively with their daily working life by preventing events and behaviours that can cause stress.
  • You to create and sustain a healthy working environment that encourages people to work hard and feel great.
  • You to behave and act in ways that encourage your team to have a positive attitude towards you.
  • You to prevent the need for their team to call on their resilience at work.
  • Your team to achieve sustainable peak performance. 

What you’ll cover 

  • The roles of leaders and managers and the challenges they face.
  • What stress really means and the impact of psychopresenteeism on individuals and their performance.
  • What makes a fabulous place to work and the components of psychological wellbeing and personal performance.
  • What is required to embed wellbeing and performance into your workplace.
  • What makes a great manager who is aware of his/her behaviours.
  • What resilience means and why it is important.
  • When resilience may be needed.
  • The role of managers in the resilience of their team.
  • How managers can prevent the need for their team to call upon their resilience.
  • How to embed the techniques and exercises into routine daily working lives.
  • Help managers can help their team achieve sustainable peak performance.
  • How to strengthen your personal resilience and that of your team.