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Work through team challenges and develop effective practical solutions

Team workshops to help you work through the challenges your team is facing and develop effective practical solutions.

Building Your Best Team in Practice

Using DISC behavioural profiling for everyone in your practice team and then sharing key highlights and insights.

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Practice Stress Policy

Develop the understanding and techniques you’ll need to manage the wellbeing of your team.

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Returning to Work After Maternity

If you are still on maternity leave or have very recently returned to work, you will learn practical tools and strategies to put you back in control, help you manage your time more effectively, prioritise better and delegate more. 

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The Pregnant Vet

Working in veterinary practice while pregnant presents a unique set of challenges. Gain clarity, control and confidence in your decision making and develop an action plan that will enable you to enjoy maternity.

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Communicating as a Team

Communicating as a Team is designed for all members of the practice team, including veterinary surgeons, managers, receptionists and nurses. The course will highlight how effective communication improves and enhances practice efficiency, practice reputation and client understanding.

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Bespoke flexible team workshops

We can create in-house workshops tailored to the needs of your team. Every business faces unique challenges with every team responding in a different way. With a full day team workshop at your practice, we can really get to the heart of what’s stopping your team reaching its potential and identify the small, but significant wins that will help improve everyone’s wellbeing.

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