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The Pregnant Vet

Gain clarity, control and confidence in your decision making and develop an action plan that will enable you to enjoy maternity

Our 'The Pregnant Vet' series of workshops and webinars will take the stress out of preparing for maternity leave and returning to work afterwards. They’re also ideal sources of information and best practice for practice managers and partners.

Working in practice while pregnant and returning to work can be tough. Often there is little professional support and guidance for pregnant vets and nurses and returning to work in practice after having your baby can be difficult.

During our series of 'The Pregnant Vet' webinars and workshops, you will learn tips and techniques to help you manage your pregnancy while working in practice and balance your life as a working mother.

Practicalities of Working in a Veterinary Practice whilst Pregnant 

This webinar is for pregnant vets and vet nurses, but it’s also an ideal source of information for practice managers and partners. You will look in detail at everything you need to think about when working in a veterinary practice while pregnant. The webinar will help you to create a plan of action of what you and your practice need to do, enabling you to continue to work effectively and safely.

What you’ll cover 

  • Your rights at work
  • What you and your practice need to do
  • Risks involved in being a pregnant vet or nurse and how you can keep safe
  • What you need to think about
  • Options around maternity leave
  • Planning for when you return
  • Childcare options
  • Your role in the practice when you return

Cost - contact us for the one-off cost for unlimited access for one month