Change to VDS PPE blood sample scheme

Change to VDS PPE blood sample scheme

At the VDS, we encourage all members to take advantage of the VDS scheme for collection and storage of blood samples collected at the time of a Pre-Purchase Examination (PPE).

Following a small change in protocol when collecting blood for storage under the VDS scheme, which is run in partnership with LGC Ltd through their Newmarket laboratory, we would advise all members in equine practice ensure that a sufficient volume of blood is routinely available for analysis, should it become necessary during the standard 6 month storage period. LGC Ltd are requesting members collect two vacutainer tubes of blood for submission. Accordingly, LGC Ltd have upgraded the VDS blood sampling kits to include two vacutainers and we would ask you to ALWAYS submit two tubes of blood.

The VDS PPE blood sampling kits are available from veterinary wholesalers. Stocks of the new kits have arrived with veterinary wholesalers and some members have already begun to use them.

The protocol for collection, identification, packaging and submission is unchanged

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