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The two functions of insurance and benevolence separated into two distinct organisations in 1978 - the VDS and the Veterinary Benevolent Fund, now known as Vetlife. However the association continues, with VDS members being encouraged to make voluntary donations to either Vetlife or the Irish Veterinary Benevolent Fund (IVBF).

In 2021, members gave over £61,000 to Vetlife and the IVBF.

As part of the marking of its 150th anniversary in 2015, the VDS donated £150,000 to Vetlife, and an additional €20,000 to the IVBF. This sum was given in recognition of the very valuable work that the two organisations carry out; they offer financial assistance to those vets in need, as well as empathetic support for work, emotional and addiction problems. Their work is absolutely vital, and the VDS is very pleased to support it wholeheartedly.

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