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Frequently Asked Questions

Scroll down for answers to questions around the VDS online renewals system, and the renewals process in general. This page will be regularly updated throughout the renewals period.

What is included in the VDS Policy?

The VDS Policy provides fixed indemnity limits for:

1. Criminal and Disciplinary Proceedings (£150,000/€180,000 for veterinary surgeons and £100,000/€120,000 for RVNs) (aggregate limits apply)

2. Civil Liability for death or bodily injury to a person during the course of normal veterinary work (£10,000,000/€12,000,000) (aggregate limits apply)

However you must choose indemnity limits for:

3. Civil liability for damage to property including animals and intangible property (aggregate limits apply).

What about the legal costs?

All Indemnity Limits are inclusive of any damages you or the Practice may be liable to pay as well as the defence costs and the costs of any other party which you or the Practice may be liable to meet. When significant claims are contested it is common for the combined legal costs to exceed £100,000/€120,000.

See the full Policy wording (PDF) and Policy Guidance Notes (PDF) for details of the basis of cover and all terms and conditions.

How do I create additional Super Users for my practice?

In order to create new Super Users, your practice's existing Super User must;

  • log in to the MyVDS area of the VDS website,
  • choose the Manage Personnel option,
  • select a practice member and click on the Edit option next to their name,
  • click the 'Make Super User' option,
  • click 'Confirm' to save your changes.

That practice member will be set up as a Super User, with the same rights to amend and edit your practice's personnel details, and renew your practice's cover online.