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Strengthening Personal Resilience

Through our Strengthening Personal Resilience workshop, you’ll explore influences, techniques and approaches that will help you to develop and sustain personal control and resilience at work.

You’ll focus on coping with pressure, preventing stress and taking responsibility for yourself to approach challenges in a resilient, proactive and sustainable way.

What you’ll cover 

  • What is resilience?
  • Why personal resilience is important.
  • The characteristics of a resilient person.
  • Your current degree of resilience and how you can become more resilient.
  • The differences between pressure, stress, burnout and compassion fatigue and how you can better cope with the pressures you’re under without suffering from stress and to avoid burnout.
  • Threats and challenging events to personal resilience and how you can manage and overcome them.
  • How to strengthen your personal resilience.
  • Practical tools and techniques you can embed into your daily life to cope with pressure, reduce stress and build and maintain a resilient and sustainable approach.