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Practice Stress Policy

Develop understanding and techniques to manage the wellbeing of your team.

During our Practice Stress Policy workshop you will develop the understanding and techniques you need to manage the wellbeing of your team.

What you’ll cover 

  • The difference between pressure and stress.
  • Signs and symptoms to be aware of.
  • What wellbeing is and how to improve your own and that of your team.
  • How to conduct an effective risk assessment on an individual or your whole team.
  • The benefits of a productive approach to mitigating effects.
  • Creating wellbeing champions.
  • How to devise a strategy and action plan to fulfill your duty of care.
  • The purpose effective wellbeing support and how it can help you and your team.
  • Your organisation’s policy and support system for individuals and teams facing pressure or stress.
  • Some of the broader mental health issues within the workplace.
  • Personal strategies as a manager to manage your own wellbeing.

Cost - Contact us for further details