VDS Claims team join VDS Training’s Ruth Serlin for NEW webinar series

VDS Claims team join VDS Training’s Ruth Serlin for NEW webinar series

Members of the VDS Claims and Advice team will join VDS Training’s Ruth Serlin as part of her new autumn webinar series, "It's Good to Talk". This engaging three-part series, aimed at everyone working with clients in the veterinary community, is designed to provide you with the necessary tools and techniques to navigate some of the more challenging interactions you may face. 

Hosted by the VDS Training team, and focusing on communication with expert Ruth Serlin, VDS Training Consultant, the free one-hour webinars will feature guests from organisations supporting those on the frontline of veterinary care, plus our very own Claims Consultants, to equip you with practical insights and skills that can be applied to your daily work.

Webinar 1: Let's get contextual: Removing fear and judgement from veterinary care

Date: Wednesday 18 October 2023

Time: 7:30pm (GMT)

Join the first webinar with Alison Richards from Cats Protection and Dan Holden, Claims Consultant from the Veterinary Defence Society. Together with Ruth, they'll explore contextualised care and decision-making in resource-limited situations, emphasising the importance of flexible clinical approaches due to the growing impact of the cost-of-living crisis on veterinary decisions, and discuss how unique circumstances and needs of each animal influence our interventions as practitioners.

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What will you learn in this webinar?

  • Identify and address common barriers in adopting a flexible and contextualised approach to veterinary care.
  • Remove fear and pressure from clinical decision-making when contextual factors challenge our notions of achieving the best clinical outcome.
  • Gain confidence in conducting clear, judgment-free discussions about the costs of veterinary care.
  • Learn how to support pet owners in making informed decisions that prioritise their pet's welfare.

Stay Tuned for More!

This webinar series has two more sessions in store for you:

Webinar 2: I think an animal has been deliberately hurt: What now? featuring Paula Boyden from The Links Group and Peter Attenburrow, Claims Consultant at the VDS. Register

Webinar 3: Teleconsulting: The next steps, joined by Jessica May from PetsApp, and Kirsty Perry, Claims Adviser at the VDS, exploring the challenges and best practices in modern veterinary telemedicine. Register

Save the dates for these upcoming webinars and be prepared to enhance your communication skills and gain valuable insights from expert panels.

How to Register

Registration for these webinars is open to all veterinary professionals, and there is no cost to join. Simply visit the links above and complete the registration process to secure a place on each session.

VDS Training Services Limited (trading as VDS Training) is a wholly owned subsidiary of The Veterinary Defence Society Limited.

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